Hotel outsourcing


The essence of hospitality

The main advantage of this technique is economic: in fact the fixed cost of the cleaning staff is eliminated. Velox provides highly professional and continuously trained outsourcing personnel, managed by area managers available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day for the cleaning of hotels and rooms, from maids, to porters and waiters.

This practice contributes to modernizing and optimizing the internal production processes of tourist reception facilities. Velox knows that cleanliness and order are the best business card for hotels. The customers in the hotel premises will be in an environment characterized by streak-free windows, polished floors, clean carpets, treated with effective anti-dust action.

With Velox's outsourced services, you increase the quality of your work and reduce the costs of your business. By choosing Velox outsourcing you can count on professionalism, efficiency and flexibility of service; you will completely eliminate the costs of absenteeism, Regional income tax, payroll and employment consultants; you will have costs that are certain and proportional to the service received; you can free yourself from the related management and organizational problems and concentrate on your business.

Main services

Housekeeping – Room service
The tasks are carried out with maximum efficiency and respecting customer privacy.
General maintenance
Velox offers specialized personnel also in the operations concerning the handling of goods, linen handling and dishwashing room maintenance men.
For the staff who perform services in the lobby, in the car park, porterage services and in general in all areas of passage, courtesy and hospitality towards the guests are their strengths.
Ozosì is the innovative Velox sanitizing system that uses the oxidizing powers of the ozone to purify, sanitize, disinfect and deodorise hotel rooms naturally, ecologically and safely, as well as making the environment totally non-allergenic by eliminating mites and dust.

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