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Velox will put 30 years of experience in cleaning and sanitizing at the service of your company, transforming it into the clean and tidy place you want.

Velox Servizi offers customized solutions for every type of customer, from industry to the private individual.

To identify the specific elements relating to each work approach, we invite you to select the service that best suits your requirements.



No discrimination.

Velox is able to provide treatments for the small family-run business as well as the cleaning of continuous cycle production departments of multinational companies, dealing with different types of industries: food, pharmaceutical, electronics, metalworking and in general all types of industrial production. For food companies, cleaning and maintenance plans are carried out according to HACCP standards, including necessary documentation. The safety and wholesomeness of food and the production line is guaranteed. Protocols relating to verification analysis can be implemented.

Velox Servizi is able to carry out continuous cleaning for industries, especially food, pharmaceuticals and electronics, which need to manage controlled contamination environments and cleanrooms of various classes Always aware of the importance of environmental issues, Velox is able to implement and maintain an integrated system of separate waste collection, to obtain a more rational, ecological and economic waste disposal for the company.

Collection, handling and compaction will no longer be a problem. Anti-dust treatments are also provided for industrial floors that are indispensable in the food, pharmaceutical and electronic sectors. These types of operation, carried out on industrial floors in quartz concrete with appropriate products, prevents stains from being absorbed and the natural raising of dust on floors.


Also provided:

  • periodic cleaning and maintenance of production lines special cleaning of machine tools cleaning of sanitary spaces, changing rooms and toilets of production facilities cleaning of canteens and refectories, including kitchens;
  • cleaning and waxing of stone, rubber, PVC, linoleum and wood floors.

There are also special anti-stain and dust-proof treatments, both for new industrial floors and for the food industry. We also have solutions for walls subject to frequent washing and worn-out flooring. In addition, Velox carries out sanitizing treatments for air and surfaces using dry aerosols, but also has solutions for thick resins and self-levelling treatments for industrial floors and for the collection, handling and compacting of factory waste.



Velox Solutions will be your strategic partner for warehouse services, providing technical assistance, and drawing up detailed work plans, thanks to specific operational tools and continuous professional updating. We also offer integrated industrial services, both within our own structures and at customer-owned facilities (in-house outsourcing).

Our know-how has been focused and developed in the management of the following logistics processes:

  • Goods reception and documents checking
  • Goods handling at in/out warehouses (storage, recover at picking points, goods transfer from the production line to the storage, etc.)
  • Orders preparation through single package picking or UDC
  • Shipping documents issuing
  • Warehouse inventory and management

Complementary logistic activities:

  •          Simple or heat-shrink cellophane wrapping
  •          Blistering
  •          Flow-packaging
  •          Banding
  •          Repackaging
  •          General product packaging and assembly
  •          Assembly of exhibitors of various kinds and sizes
  •          Simple assembly (manual or mechanical)
  •          Kitting (assembly of several components)
  •          Products marking by different types of technology
  •          Personalized product labelling


Velox Servizi works professionally in offices, shops and shopping centres in order to make the environments clean and suitable for accommodating customers.

A professional service of basic cleaning and maintenance specifically designed for sales areas is guaranteed. In addition to hygiene, Velox pays particular attention to privacy and respect for the work areas of every employee. The cleaning operations are carried out both during closing hours and before opening or after closing, taking into full consideration the suggestions of the employer.

Velox offers three special services:

  • air and surface sanitization: healthy environments through the use of ozone systems (OzoSì)
  • restoration and maintenance of surfaces: waxing, polishing, application of stain-resistant systems, washing and disinfection of surfaces, especially those requiring periodic maintenance such as carpets
  • Cleaning special areas

Velox is also able to deal with the cleaning of the most complicated special areas. For example, window panes are cleaned using aerial platforms, freeing surfaces from deposits, incrustations and smog. But in addition to windows, the staff is able to clean machine tools, changing rooms, bathrooms, canteens, refectories, kitchens, paving in stone, rubber, PVC, linoleum and wood. In addition, various types of treatment are possible: stain-resistant, anti-dust, anti-slip and the special protection treatment for terracotta floors. Finally, the company also guarantees other types of services for the cleaning of all environments. They range from green areas to street waste, from polishing marble floors and stairs through micro-evacuation and crystallization to the washing and disinfection of carpet surfaces. With Velox, any surface will be freed of dust and dirt.



In the Healthcare sector Velox offers a highly qualified cleaning and sanitization service ensuring high quality standards and a hygienically safe environment.

The services offered by Velox include ordinary and periodic cleaning and disinfection of hospitals:

  • health companies
  • operating rooms
  • analysis laboratories
  • public and private clinics
  • rest homes
  • medical surgeries

In addition, Velox performs sanitizing treatments for environments and disinfection of textile surfaces using Ozone patented OzoSì systems.



While you live your life, Velox takes care of the cleaning and maintenance of your home

You will no longer need to worry. Whether you live in a condominium or in a private residence, you will make the right choice by putting yourself in the hands of the highly skilled staff of Velox who are able to evaluate the best treatment to be used according to the characteristics of the location.
Fixtures, blinds, bricks, terraces, balconies, doors, railings, ceiling lights, fixtures, window panes, flooring of all kinds and furniture will return to their original splendour.

Here are some of the services we offer:

    basic cleaning of empty and furnished apartments and maintenance of condominiums and private homes; cleaning and waxing of stone, rubber, PVC, linoleum and wood floors;
  • cleaning after fire;
  • dust extraction from walls, ceilings, pipes and water from flooded cellars;
  • polishing of marble floors and stairs by micro-evacuation and crystallization;
  • anti-pigeon system (removal with deterrence);
  • protection treatment of terracotta floors;
  • anti-stain and anti-dust sealing treatment of the concrete floors of garages and cellars;
  • window cleaning in any buildings of any height;
  • washing and restoring façades of buildings with a pressure washer; washing and disinfection of carpeted surfaces and external curtains with a pressure washer;

Velox Servizi can also provide for the evacuation of premises, cellars and garages.